Physio Therapy

The Department is easily the best in south Gujarat.

Services of a specialized trained speech therapist are also available.

Services of qualified Physical therapists makes this Department a unique proposition of the Hospital.

The Department aims to provide best Physical Therapy to both, adult as well as pediatric patients.

Department specializes in handling Neuro Developmental Therapy, Sensory integration, cerebral palsy, kids with motor and mental disabilities.

The Department is well equipped with latest adaptive equipments and electrotherapy modalities for both adult as well as pediatric physiotherapy.

Specialized NDT approach used for patients with Cerebral Palsy and syndromic children to make them physically independant.

Sensory integration therapy and Occupational therapy are also available for mentally challenged, autisti and hyperactive children.

Wide range of electrotherapy modalities are available :

  1. Shortwave diathermy
  2. Ultrasound therapy
  3. Interferential therapy
  4. Electrical Stimulation
  5. Infra-red rays.
  6. Wax Bath.
  7. Lumbar Traction
  8. Cervical Traction
  9. Cryotherapy
  10. TENS.

Physiotherapy provided to a broad spectrum of clinical conditions that includes

  1. CV Stroke patients.
  2. Radiculopathies.
  3. Nerve palsies
  4. Spinal cord injury patients.
  5. Vertebral disc herniation/disc prolapse.
  6. Gullian Berre Syndrome.
  7. Post-Arthroplasty Rehab.
  8. Post-Fracture Rehab.
  9. All knee pathologies and injuries.
  10. All Musculoskeletal pathologies and injuries.
  11. Cervical and lumbar Spondylosis/lysthesis.
  12. And many more...